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My Story

I joined Scentsy without having ever seen a physical product OR smelled a single scent! THAT is how good word of mouth is! Let me explain... Several years ago, I was a designer of digital scrapbooking, which is HUGE in the US, so the majority of my industry friends and colleagues were from the US and they were completely smitten with the Scentsy fragrance products. Every other day I would hear about their latest delicious scents and adorable warmers, making me incredibly envious, but it wasn't available in Australia so I couldn't experience it for myself. Fast forward to 2014, and somehow I missed the memo about Scentsy being available in Australia since 2013! It wasn't until my sister mentioned on Facebook that she had become an Independent Consultant and was taking orders that I even knew it was here! So I jumped online and added a few bits and pieces to my cart but knew I wanted to order much more. I had just received some birthday money a few weeks earlier and was looking for something to spend it on that was "just for me", so I thought about it and knew that Scentsy was exactly what I wanted to spend it on, but I had 2 choices - 1, buy a couple of items, or 2, buy an opportunity (which also gave me a kit full of awesome products)! The opportunity won hands down! I was looking for a change in my daily routine and the possibility of pushing myself out of my comfort zone and getting out of the house a little more and possibly making a few dollars along the way (and getting my own products at a discount) with a product that I knew I would love, well, I just couldn't resist! And, if it didn't work out, I would still be left with a huge selection of Scentsy products from the kit so the choice was simple! I quickly discovered just how easy it was to sell Scentsy -  it truly sells itself! As soon as people smell it, try it for themselves and experience how awesome it is, they can't get enough of it. I never realised how much I would love being a Scentsy Independent Consultant. I get to choose my own schedule, work around family and friends, be at every school pickup & drop-off as well as every sports match and school event, meet new people and make long-lasting friendships, take holidays at short notice, take pride in my work and help my team to also better their lives with the help of Scentsy. If you are also interested in becoming a consultant, please contact me or click the Join link at the top of the page to join my team. You can also follow me on Facebook Or subscribe to my newsletter